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2023 AWG Symposium: Summary and Recordings

2023 AWG symp flyer

On Thursday, March 16th, Open Science hosted the 2023 Analysis Working Group (AWG) Symposium from 10 am - 2:30 pm Pacific Time. The theme focused around The Year of Open Science. This virtual event allowed the public an opportunity to view some exciting open science stemming from the AWG community and was attended by over 250 participants. The symposium was divided into morning and afternoon sessions, with the morning session containing opening remarks by GeneLab acting Project Scientist Lauren Sanders, an overview of NASA's Transform to Open Science initiative (TOPS) by Space Biosciences Research Branch Chief Sylvain Costes, and an inspiring keynote address from AWG member, Eliah Overbey, who discussed sample analysis from the SpaceX Inspiration 4 mission. This was followed by science talks from the AWG community that included one presenter from each of the six AWGs-Animal, Plant, Microbes, Multi-Omics, Ames Life Sciences Data Archive (ALSDA), and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML). The afternoon session brought lightning science talks from AWG members with six additional speakers form each of the AWGs. Lastly, the elected leads from each of the AWGs presented an update on the status of each of the groups.

Did you miss this year's AWG Symposium? Not to worry, a recording of the event is available below as well as on NASA GeneLab's YouTube page. Also, learn more about how to join the AWGs.

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