Analysis Working Group


The NASA GeneLab project established GeneLab Analysis Working Groups (AWGs) in 2018 for the sole purpose of optimizing the processing of raw spaceflight and ground-related omics data from the GeneLab repository, maximizing the generation of new knowledge from these rare and complex datasets, and improving the effectiveness of the GeneLab Data System (GLDS) through extensive utilization of analytics. The groups represent four model organism areas of expertise: plants , multi-omics , microbes , and animals (mammals, non-mammals) .

AWG members are comprised of researchers, principal investigators, professors and students, all who join on a volunteer basis. The primary activity of each AWG is to establish analytical processes to generate higher-order data from data housed in the GeneLab Data System with relevance to one or more specific application areas. For example, the mammalian AWG analyzes all data relevant to mammalian systems (human, mouse, rat, etc.).

By participating in a GeneLab Analysis Working Group, investigators join a group of scientific excellence and may have the opportunity to co-author a landmark paper. They innovate new data and analysis standards for the community and develop relationships that could lead to additional collaborations.


ALSDA recently formed an Analysis Working Group (AWG) to bring together Principal Investigators (PI) and Subject Matter Experts (SME) to weigh-in on the new ALSDA data submission portal and data system. PI and SME input will be sought to transition ALSDA data systems towards being FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) and Open.

The purpose of the ALSDA AWG is to solicit feedback from the science community regarding ALSDA user experience, data collection, and metadata standards. The feedback will aid in optimizing ALSDA's data sharing systems to enable data mining and meta-analyses, along with various data science artificial intelligence approaches. This collaborative approach maximizes data re-use and facilitates new knowledge discoveries. The AWG also iteratively assesses and provides feedback on the effectiveness of the ALSDA data system by collaboratively conducting analytical studies utilizing ALSDA data.


The AI/ML Analysis Working Group (AWG) intended as a forum for soliciting feedback from subject matter experts on the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence readiness of data within the NASA Open Science Data Repositories, including GeneLab and ALSDA . These efforts will maximize the use of existing data for the development of new training datasets and pre-trained models using AI/ML methodologies for the purpose of enabling new knowledge discoveries. The AWG will assess and provide feedback on the AI-readiness of data held in the Open Science Data Repositories, by iteratively conducting collaborative AI/ML analyses of the data held in these repositories.